Parish Certification

Would you rather do a funeral than a wedding? This course will change how you understand marriage preparation, allow you to maximize the impact of your current marriage prep process and help you to spread the good news that your church is a home for couples and not just a place for a wedding.

Our online marriage prep class for clergy, family life directors, and parish marriage prep coordinators is revolutionary and accessible. In Witness to Love’s online classroom you will meet a pastor with insights and wisdom. You will hear the story of how a small ministry went international and you will get a comfortable seat in an actual meeting with a real engaged couple, their mentor and their marriage prep coordinator.

Upon completion of Witness to Love’s online or live class for dioceses and churches you will have access to all videos, PDFs, resources and the ability to order materials at a discount or in bulk. This course includes individualized feedback and consultation on your specific church or dioceses’ needs and processes so that your ministry can strengthen marriages and draw couples to Christ! As soon as you complete the “quiz” at the end of this class you will be contacted by our Parish Outreach Coordinator who will assist you in renewing your parish marriage ministry.