Is Witness to Love an approved Marriage Prep Resource?

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Yes. We are listed on the USCCB’s “For Your Marriage” website. Our Advisory Board includes Archbishop Gregory Aymond of New Orleans, married couples, a Catholic Psychologist, clergy, Family Life Directors, theologians, and leaders in marriage ministry from around the United States. We are a non-profit 501 (c) 3.

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Praise for Witness to Love

We loved being Witness to Love marriage preparation mentors. When we were married, we were only required to attend a one day session. We wish that all couples were given this opportunity. We became closer to the couple than we had even hoped for. They opened up to us so much. The mentoring process was such a blessing because we took the time to revisit important decisions and events that had happened during our twelve years of marriage.

— Jill & John, Witness to Love mentor couple

Witness to Love “reintegrates” the mentor couple as well, not only into the parish, but also into their own marriage. It gives them a set of “fresh” eyes towards their own relationship with each other and with God.

— Deacon David Dawson, Pastoral Associate

A program that is true to its name, Witness to Love is that on many levels because it builds Church at every level. It is a blessing to our Parish, our community and our Church. Let Witness to Love share love in your Parish. You won’t regret it.

— Don & Sharon, Witness to Love mentor couple

The more I do in ministry, including marriage prep, the more I am convinced that in today’s culture real evangelization happens person to person. (…)The Witness to Love mentor couples always express their gratitude for being part of the process. They always comment that it was “very good for their own marriage.” As a pastor, Witness To Love is a no-brainer for this very reason. We get the chance to evangelize, form, and catechize two couples for the price of one! Give Witness To Love a try and you will not regret it.

— Fr. Andrew Merrick, Pastor

I believe we definitely grew as a couple, not only closer to each other, but closer to God and the church.

— Jeremy & Lindsay, Witnesses to Love engaged couple participants

It is with enthusiasm that I recommend Witness to Love’s programs and resources to you. The fruits fostered by this ministry bring about deeper parish connection and authentic accompaniment for engaged and newly married couples.

— Most Reverend Gregory M. Aymond, Archbishop of New Orleans

The process was amazing. We didn’t think we had a perfect marriage, but the fact that someone thought the way we lived, prayed, and loved was an inspiration was truly an eye opener for US for what we really had.

— Caprice & Dane, Witness to Love mentor couple

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